Our staff are passionate about helping you discover new products that you will love. Come in and chat with our experts!



Tina has been our manager since 2014 and has worked in the liquor industry since 2000. When she's not at work, you can find Tina with a glass of Sauv Blanc (from New Zealand, duh) in her hand and/or snuggling with her dog Penny and hubby "Mr. Tina". If there's something you'd like to see on our shelves, this is the lady you should talk to... the Grand-Wizard of liquor ordering. 


Assistant Manager

Krista started at Lickman Liquor in 2014 and for the first 6 months that she worked here we didn't know that she talked... but now she won't shut up. Frequent day-drinker, lover of pizza, poor university student, and dog-mom to Hank... Krista will drink anything you put in front of her. If there's a product in the store that you want to know about, she's probably had it.  



While it may be more likely that you find Jenna drinking coffee than alcohol, she is a living example that you don’t have to drink a lot to know our products well. Jenna started at our liquor store in 2015, and she has been working with us between semesters as she pursued her degree in Education so that she can go on to teaching. In the meantime, she can try to teach you a thing or two about what we’ve got in the store and give you updates on our craft beer selection in our blog!



Courtney is in the Lickman Liquor Store as much as she can be while she attends university. She started working with us back in August 2017. Halfway through her degree in political science, she’s hoping to work internationally one day! She loves to relax after studying with a cool craft cider and any snacks she can get her hands on. If you need any recommendations on ciders or coolers, she’s happy to give you the lowdown and help you find whatever you’re looking for!


Currently on maternity leave, we are sad to see this momma go for now, but we are so excited for her in this time! Whenever she comes back, we’ll welcome her with open arms. She’s the first one to stand up and argue if anyone says anything bad about baseball, and the queen of sassy comments... Britt started at Lickman Liquor in 2017 and she is a baseball lover and umpire, maker of deadly punch, dog mom/super wife, and will drop it low if you play the right song. If you see Britt working in the store, watch out for broken things... but also ask her for advice on what to buy! 



If you don’t see Mitch with a beer in his hand, he is probably too busy stuffing his face… but most often, he’s doing both simultaneously. Mitch has been with us at Lickman Liquor since November of last year and I think he is loving using his tips (and employee discount) to buy and try all of our beer. Thankfully for us, the more beer he drinks, the more he can help you grab the best beer for yourself! Come by and visit this hockey-loving, beer-drinking, Star Wars-watching guy.



Always with a smile on her face and a spring in her step, Brooke is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. She’ll learn your name in the snap of a finger and she probably will never forget it. Brooke joined our team in September of last year and her biggest weakness at Lickman Liquor isn’t the alcohol, but the beef jerky. You’re lucky if you can manage to snag some while you’re in, because she usually finishes off our stock each week. Come find this friendly face in our store on evenings… and fight her for jerky.


Phil & Rudy

A couple of wise-asses who work here one night a week just to get the staff discount and attend industry events. 



Zach started with us in January 2019 after he moved over from working at the hotel and we are so glad he made the move! Zach strives to bring fun to the workplace and to your experience in the store. He enjoys a good cooler every now and then, so feel free to ask him about which ones are good! And if you need someone to bounce a good joke off of or to ask where something is in the liquor store, Zach is the perfect guy to go to.



The smooth talker at Lickman Liquor, Clayton is one that will listen to anything you have to say and talk to you for as long as you’ll stick around. If you wanna talk booze or life in general, he’s your guy. He started working here in March of this year and has been talking up the customers to no end ever since. His weakness is Forty Creek Whisky (on the rocks, of course) and if he’s had a glass, you’ll probably see him doin’ a jig of some sort afterwards. Come in to chat, buy some alcohol, and gain a friend!



Educator by day, wicked whiskey woman by night, this bright eyed lady will help you pick right! Mikayla started with us April 1st, but she ain’t no fool. Starting at 18 in Alberta, Mikayla has wandered like a gypsy through stores far and wide. Whether it’s craft beer, aged wine, or just a cheap fix... Mikayla knows about it all! Never without a double gin and water, and always happy to ask about your day, this chick will put a smile on YOUR face. Ask her about her favourite drink for a free high-five!



In November 2018, we lost our dear friend and co-worker Rhea to cancer. Rhea started working at the liquor store in 2004 and while many things changed over the years, Rhea’s taste for Budweiser and Diet Coke always remained the same — you would not find her hopping on the craft beer bandwagon! Her friendship and sense of humor will always be warmly remembered. We love you Rhea.