Here at Lickman Liquor Store we LOVE dogs. In fact, we even have a dog on staff! Feel free to bring your furry friends into the store; we might ask you for a picture! 



Son of Dog-Mom Krista, Hank is the first ever dog to work at Lickman Liquor. He is the friendliest and most forward of all our staff members (he gives kisses) and you can find him here on some Mondays. If you're uncomfortable with Hank in the store, just let us know and we'll make sure he stays behind the counter... he won't be offended. 


Hank has lots of friends, here are some of them! 



Penny is the dog-daughter of our manager, Tina! Penny is a gentle soul, could run after frisbees all day long, and she enjoys sitting in her chair and watching TV with her parents. Penny doesn't hang out in the store very often because she likes to bark at people! 




Hank is friends with cats too (we think)! Tuffy is the most beautiful cat in the world, and one time she got 15,000 likes on Instagram. Tuffy is very athletic and she likes to meow at birds. Even though she's currently mad at her owner Danica, we still love her. Tuffy will never be in the liquor store, sorry! 



Sally & George

Sally and George are best pals and the hairy children of Britt. Their favourite thing to do when they're not snuggling on the couch is to play pranks on each other. They have a brother, but he's too ugly to be on the website.