This Spring we are beer-sting at the seams!

We have had so much beer come in these past weeks that we fell a bit behind on our blog posts… but wait no longer! Here are the newest craft beers that arrived since our last blog post. We will even treat you to another blog post later this week because the beers just keep coming in. Happy Spring!


This beer isn’t all fun & games… it’s no joke

Okay, seriously… what’s better than a collab? Nothing. Yellow Dog Brewing and Brewhall (from Vancouver) collaborated to bring us this amazing Sour Red IPA called “Fun & Games.” This is our first encounter with Brewhall at Lickman Liquor and we are PLEASED to meet them. This Limited Edition Sour Red IPA is tart, delicious, and made with Northwest hops. Grab this one to have a seriously good time, because despite the name it’s not all fun and games. They meant business when they brewed this one.



If you’ve been missing Fernie Brewing like we have… here you go! Their limited release, Three Kings Belgian-Style Tripel is a stronger beer with the perfect combination of spicy and fruity to adhere to your unique taste and make you feel like royalty. The second LR is their Dark Horse Sour which is most definitely not named after the Katy Perry song, but still pops with its black currant taste. They call this brew ‘tart and zingy’ and I think that describes it perfectly. Lastly is “What the Huck” Huckleberry Ale that has won awards for how much people want to drink it. It’s smooth, creamy, sweet, and ever-so-good. Drink up!


this bREW is out of this world

Driftwood Brewing’s latest limited release, the “Oumuamua” Milk Stout will have you saying “oh mama”... (okay, maybe that one was bad). Anyways, even though this bottle in all its galactic wonder may be hard to read, it is most definitely not hard to drink. Oumuamua is brewed with cara, chocolate, and roasted barley and holds notes of chocolate and caramel, with a hint of roast to every taste. The malt sweetness that dominates this brew and the medium body it presents makes it a smooth drink for any night.


Hop on over to try these DRY-Hopped sours

Fieldhouse Brewing dropped off two more Spring Limited Releases and it feels like we have been waiting for these fruity sours forever… The Dry-Hopped Pineapple Sour blows us away. It’s made with flaked barley, Australian Vic Secret hops for that tropical taste and it even has REAL pineapple in there to take you to somewhere hot while sipping on something cold. Their Dry-Hopped Kiwi Sour is made with wheat, oats, and yet again, REAL kiwis (and lots of them) with Waimea hops from New Zealand. Both of these sours remind us of somewhere tropical… and just in time for Spring Break!



Postmark Brewing is another one of our friends from Vancouver, BC. We thought it was just the right time of year to bring in their Juicy Pale Ale, which is made with El Dorado hops and gives you that sunny, tropical and hazy drinking experience that you’ve been yearning for. Their Westerly IPA is a West Coast IPA made with Magnum, Cascade and Simcoe hops. It contains citrus, pine, and floral notes. This brew will give you those old school feels…And it definitely helps that these cans will just brighten up your fridge.



If you haven’t heard of Loudmouth Brewing yet, you are definitely missing out on a GREAT local brewery located close to us in Abbotsford! This is their first EVER bottled beer and we are honoured to carry it in our store. “Hurt Feelings” West Coast IPA is dry-hopped with eight different types of hops. This brew is strong but approachable, with the ability to soothe your hurt feelings, even with just the right amount of bitterness to match your own. And really, even if your feelings aren’t hurt, this brew will make you feel good even on the best day. Support this local brewery and maybe they’ll bottle some more that we can carry!



Despite the name, Steamworks and Blasted Church’s collab brew “Purgatory” is not as awful as it sounds, but it’s actually a unique and exciting take on a beer that they released last year. This brew was created by taking their previously released collab “Sanctuary” and aging it in barrels with brettanomyces for months and then bottle conditioned it with white wine yeast. This beer has the flavour of a big fruity wine with a tart and dry finish. It is the first of their new cork and cage series, so now we wait to see what else they have to offer us… because this one is an absolute treat!

That’s it for now! We will be back later this week for the rest of the beers that are showing up this week so that we can catch you up on all the good stuff we are getting in! Cheers!