Juicy News: We’ve Got Even MORE Juicy Brews!

This week we have lots of new stuff in store for you, and a lot of them are limited releases — so you better hurry before they are all gone!


Our neighbours from Red Truck Beer in Vancouver, BC are jumping leaps and bounds out of their usual brews and just delivered us this tasty new Black Raspberry Kettle Sour. What makes us love this kettle sour is its tartness (I’m sure you never could’ve guessed that one) and the beautiful raspberry color that brings a nice change to your beer glass. If I were you, I’d probably start your engines to drive over to our store and grab it to try for yourself!



Dageraad isn’t a new brewery for us at Lickman Liquor, but it’s definitely been a while - so welcome them back to our shelves! They are located in Burnaby, BC and they were given the prestigious title of “Brewery of the Year” in 2018! With the BC weather always changing, “Rainshine” brings the sun to us wherever we are at, even when it’s pouring rain (or snowing). This hoppy blonde ale with grapefruit peel reminds us of Spring and we’re thinking maybe the more we drink it… the faster it will come!

blog pic 6.jpg


Okay, so maybe it’s a bit weird. But it’s not the first time we’ve had it, it’s just come back for more. Red Arrow’s “Threesome” is for all those beer-lovers out there that like beer that is ‘out there’ if you know what I’m saying. This unique brew is quite literally a threesome of hemp, hibiscus and honey to get you a little out of your comfort zone and over to the wild side. You’ll get some hints of cranberry and hibiscus in this refreshing brew and it will definitely play to all the senses. It’s a bit herbal and a bit tart with a smooth finish. There’s nothing wrong with trying something new!

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stave us from drinking all this good beer

Or don’t… we just might need to start opening a bit later (just kidding). This week we got in FOUR new beers from Phillips and we just can’t say enough about them, but this little blurb is going to have to do. Here’s the lowdown. Don’t let the cans fool you, the “Hop Circle” IPA is not alien at all… but it is out of this world good with it’s hoppy and crisp with a strong pine finish. The “Short Wave” West Coast Pale Ale is citrusy, with a perfect balance between sweet and bitter. The Limited Edition “Stave Us From Ourselves” Barrel Aged Imperial Stout is full-bodied with a roast flavour, courtesy of the barrels, with hints of dark chocolate… I can get on board with that.

blog pic 1.jpg
blog pic 5.jpg


Twin Sails always leaves us wanting more… but thankfully they come back every year so we can get our fix. First up to the plate is “Orange Slices” Citra Double IPA. If you’ve tried “Dat Juice” you will love this brew. They made it a little hoppier and a whole lot juicier to give you that juicy IPA that you’ve been searching for. Next up is “Single Life” IPA, which despite the picture I can assure you they are not playing around with this beer. With a blend of citra, simcoe and mosaic hops that make a light but juicy IPA, you’ll have no problem sippin’ this on game night (and every other night).


we’ve got just the data you’ve been looking for

…But you’re going to have to crack open this can to find it, because it’s all in there. If you weren’t already feeling like Spring was on it’s way, Category 12’s “Compressed Data” serves it to you on a platter in their newest addition to the Data Series. Their juicy pale ale is made with lemondrop hops and once you open the can, there’s no stopped the citrus elements from bringing you in. It’s fresh, it’s new, and it’s dang good. Take it all in before it’s all gone, because this one will go FAST!


drink unselfishly & guilt-free WITH THE HONOUR HOUSE SERIES

Drinking this beer won’t just be a good choice for your taste buds, but drinking this beer will support the Canadian troops as well. Smuggler’s Trail Brewery from Vancouver is doing their part by giving a portion of their proceeds to the Honour House Foundation, which provides a safe place for military, vets and emergency service personnel. Along with the good feels, you get the good taste in this Poppyseed IPA. It’s got it all: the zesty citrus taste we all love paired with nutty flavours, all beautifully balanced into one tasty and giving brew.

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The boss lady loved this one so much, she couldn’t stop raving about it. Here’s what she had to say: “This grapefruit sour from Phillips Brewing is the perfect spring beer to help chase away the winter blahs. A hint of lime gives it a perfect balance to the grapefruity tartness. If you like sours, this is one that you DO NOT want to miss! So hurry in, because it’s an extremely limited release!” And if that doesn’t give you fair enough warning, you should also hurry so that she doesn’t buy out all of our stock!

We hope you are loving joining us on our craft beer tasting adventures and don’t forget to request anything that you want to see on our shelves! See you next week for more NEW BREWS!