The Easter Bunny Brought BOOZE!

If you haven’t been in to the store this week, come QUICK! The Easter Long Weekend deals are great and they are going to be gone soon! The sale ends on April 24th, so come enjoy it while you can! Check out our flyer to see the deals and giveaways available!


i’d choose beer over candy any day

I know the Easter Bunny usually brings candy and chocolate eggs, but Phillips Brewing brought back their Dinosour Blackberry Sour Ale and I think I’d rather drink this instead! This beer is fruity and SOUR as ever. If you’re a sucker for sours, this is the brew for you. It’s packed full with aroma of blackberries, sour apple, and watermelon. It pours a pale pink colour with a little bit of sweetness to match its sour character, with a dry and tart finish. But, just like any dinosaur, it will go extinct… so you better grab it before it’s gone! Available in single tall cans for you to enjoy however many you may choose.

attila the honey.jpg

get (red) racing over to the liquor store, stat!

Lots of new Red Racer has been hitting our shelves these past couple weeks and it’s been an exciting time! We’re back with TWO new 4-packs to add to the collection. First, the Lime Margarita Gose is actually infused with tequila, lime and salt to take you on a trip to Mexico (sorry, not literally). It’s tropical, slightly tart, and perfectly beachy. Their new After Hours Pale Ale is a new take on an Old-Fashioned whisky cocktail. This pale ale made with their own bitters is mixed with whisky, orange peels and cherry. These new takes on old cocktails in their beer make drinking an adventure.

summer ale.jpg

gain an alter ego for the night (and try
some good beer, too)

This new beer was brewed just in time for 4/20, so Phantom Brewing took the liberty to make their newest IPA “Alter Ego” to celebrate. Don’t worry though… that doesn’t mean it has marijuana in it or anything. It’s not just good, it’s dank (which is craft beer lingo for cloudy and hoppy, and sometimes even a little green). This beer is hoppier than the Easter Bunny with its Columbus, Chinook, Simcoe and Citra hops but still crushable as ever. After a few you might be wondering who you are, but you’ll still know what you’re drinking is good.


This BREW is gonna get you real buzzed

Cleverly named and locally brewed by Mt. Begbie Brewery located in Revelstoke… Atilla the Honey is an obvious choice for your next purchase. Attila the Honey is a rich amber ale with the light, sweet taste of honey. Not too bitter with an IBU of 11, it’ll be a smooth drink to sip all Summer long. Take it out for a test drive though, of course, because Summer cannot come quick enough and any reason to try this beer is a good one

red racer.jpg


It might still be April, but Summer IS on it’s way… or at least, Steamworks says it is! I’ll take their word for it though. They brought back their Summer Ale and it definitely tastes like Summer to me. This brew is a crisp Wheat Ale with citrus aromatics of orange peel and lemon zest. The citrus is balanced out by fruity hops and even a bit of spice to make this an overall well-rounded beer to crush on any Summer day… (or on a day you’re wishing that it was Summer already). Well, what are you waiting for? Come grab these in 4-packs while you can.

see you next week!

I Would Walk 500 Miles...For Good Beer

bc ale trail.jpg


Not sure what it’s all about? Check out or download the BC Ale Trail App to get started!

bc ale trail 2.jpg

old yale.jpg


Love your morning coffee? With this new brew you can enjoy it at night too… or, you could even enjoy it instead of your morning coffee. The options are endless. Red Truck Beer Company is coming in hot with all these new single tall cans and we love it. Their latest is the Espressway Northwest Coffee IPA and it gives you everything your coffee-loving, IPA-drinking heart needs all in one brew. Take this one for a spin today.



Have some dragons to slay? Well you should at least have a good drink in your hand while doing it. Strangefellows’ Guardian White IPA is a unique cross between a Wit and an IPA: together, they make the White IPA. The Wit character in the brew provides the spice, while the IPA character comes from the Amarillo and Citra hops. It is bold and flavourful with aromas of stone fruit and citrus - it’s not too hoppy but still strong and mighty. A good balance to refresh your senses and set you up for battle.

twin sails.jpg

Dive in and drink up

These brews make us want to go sit by a beach and stare at an ocean somewhere nice. Mexico, anyone? Well… I guess if you’re sticking around here you can try these beers instead to remind you of the ocean. Phillips’ newest brew comes in a single tall can: “Out of Fucus” Rock Weed Gose. Sounds weird, looks weirder, but the taste is worth it. There’s literal rock weed in this brew, which makes it lightly spiced and citrusy coupled with its sour nature as a gose. You can even expect a subtle undertone of saltiness. You gotta try it. Phillips also came out with a new mixer pack called OctoBox with all of our old favourites packed into one for you to share with friends (or keep to yourself).



A personal favourite of ours… Old Yale’s Devilfish is back and despite our desire to keep it to ourselves, we felt like we cannot hold in a secret so precious. Instead, we’ll shout it from the mountaintops so everyone can enjoy. We ordered extra cases of this stuff so you can enjoy it with us. It has Ella hops that give this brew tropical notes with a smooth amber malt to give it that devil(f)ishly good taste. See what I did there? Anyways, if you haven’t tried it… I can almost guarantee you won’t regret it if you do. And if you don’t like it, give the rest to someone who likes good beer.

red truck.jpg

Filling up on fernie

More Fernie on our shelves means more Fernie to your fridges! If you wanted more (which we think you did) you are in for a treat. We got two new 4 packs for you to try out: First, their new 3300 Golden Ale is for anyone who likes a smooth, easy-to-drink beer with those Spring-inspired tropical hops. Perfect for warmer weather, having a BBQ with friends, or sitting on the porch enjoying the sun. Next is their Nighthawk Farmhouse IPA which is spicy, fruity, and dry-hopped. What makes it unique is that it is brewed with a Saison yeast strain (but it’s still an IPA)! It has notes of lemon, citrus and passionfruit from the hops but mixed with the Saison yeast strain it’s more than your average Spring IPA. Looking to try a bunch of their brews? Tackle their variety pack: Tackle Box, which is packed with 4 refreshing brews.

strange fellows.jpg

beer for dessert because it’s a DOUBLE milkshake ipa

Who really needs an excuse to have a beer after dinner? No one. Twin Sails gave us the perfect excuse to call it dessert. The newest brew from them to hit our shelves is their Stiff Peaks Double Milkshake IPA. But it doesn’t stop there, because it’s not just any kind, but this one is Mango and Pineapple. I have to admit, this combo is almost as good as PB&J. They’ve perfected this brew with lactose, a Pilsner and Wheat malt, and even threw in some Citra and Mosaic hops to amp up the tropical vibes. It’s hoppy, strong, and smooth. What else could you want in a Double Milkshake IPA?


Your life could change in tHE BLINK OF AN EYE

…That’s just how good this beer is. Cannery Brewing’s Sunblink Berry Sour is so good we are worried that it won’t be on our shelves long enough to post it. This is a tart, wheat kettle sour that has been fermented with raspberries, blackberries and blueberries… which is what makes it SO tasty and SO fruity. You’re really doing yourself a disservice if you don’t give yourself all the fruits packed into these cans.

Keep your eye out for an upcoming Easter flyer for all the savings and giveaways that will be available in our store! Don’t miss out on the new brews or the savings!

Thank U, Next (Beer)

We never get tired of sharing our newest brews with you! I hope this craft beer blog keeps you swinging by to see what catches your eye in our store. Again, hit up our Product Requests form if you’d like to see a little more of your favourite somethin’ somethin’. We are happy to help.



We were excited to introduce Loud Mouth Brewing from Abbotsford into our store last week, and we are happy again to carry another one of their spectacular brews - their all new LAZER KITTYZ Triple IPA. This is their first can release (shortly followed by their first bottle release which was just last week for us) and it’s another one for the books. This hazy triple IPA is not only strong and hazy, but juicy as ever. The juicy beauty of this beer comes from the Huell Melon hops that are packed into the kitty-covered can. You don’t have to like cats to drink this beer, but a big bonus if you do.



Red Truck Beer brought in this funky new 8-pack of their El Space Camino Dry Hopped Ale. Brewed in Vancouver, not in space. I guess the name was inspired by the hops that make this dry-hopped ale: Galaxy and El Dorado. They call its character that of “celestial malt” that really makes it “out of this world.” Clever packaging and good beer all makes for a good time drinking if you ask me. Hop in your car, that’s probably not an El Camino, drive over to Lickman Liquor (located in the Milky Way Galaxy) and pick up this 8-pack, ASAP!



Superflux brought back their limited release which we saw for the first time last year: “Craft Beer is Dead”. Since then, it has been long anticipated by many. This American IPA is hopped with Chinook, Centennial, Cascade and Citra hops. There’s a smooth taste with aromatics of pine, citrus, and even some tropical notes. It is well-loved by us (and all of our craft beer drinking customers) at Lickman Liquor. You’ll have to hop on over to our store QUICK before we run out of it already!

howe sound.jpg


…and it’s even made with the real peel. What a deal. Summer came early with this Grapefruit IPA called “The Real Peel” by Fernie Brewing. This brew will give you the most refreshing punch you’ve ever received. Its bold citrus and grapefruit taste will have you sippin’ all Summer long and you might even forget that Summer is still quite far away. The Real Peel is hopped with Amarillo, Centennial, and Citra hops to make its light, but bold taste. Don’t be fooled - it’s not a radler - but just as refreshing as one. This baby comes in single tall cans located in our tall can fridge. Grab one on the way to the beach… if you’re up to the challenge in this unpredictable Spring weather.



Double the IPA, double the fun. Another addition into our singles fridge this week is Steamworks' new Limited Edition Battleship Double IPA. The newest brew to Steamworks is strong, juicy, and dry-hopped (not once, but twice). Despite the strong punch of this DIPA, it has been brewed so beautifully that is still very drinkable and gives you that tropical taste that we are all yearning for as Summer slowly approaches. And hey, maybe you can drink it while you dust off the old Battleship game and call “G3” with your buddy. New drinking game: every time you miss, you drink. You’ll be drunk in no time.



Driftwood’s “Son of the Morning” gives itself a bad rep by name (google it if you’re not sure what they were getting at with this name), but I think they call it that because it’s devilishly good. This strong golden ale is hopped with Hallertauer hops and brewed with Pilsner and Carapils malts. This is another special release, so don’t wait to long to hop on this one. If you like your beer strong without being too dark, this one’s for you.


howe does this sound? you tell me.

We like our beers good and we like them big. It feels like it’s been a long time coming but maybe it’s because we have just been standing waiting at the door for them to come back… Howe Sound brought back their award-winning King Heffy Imperial Heffeweizen, a crowd favourite for many. Fit for kings, it’s brewed with German hefe yeast, malted barley, white wheat, and hopped with Amarillo and Saaz hops. Another favourite is their Jam Session Raspberry Cream Ale, which is packed full of real raspberries to give an easy-drinking, delicious and light fruity beer. It’s the perfect beer to sip all the way from Spring to Summer. These brews got us wishing there was more time in our days and more room in our glasses.

See you next week!

This is NO Joke… We’ve got MORE!

More beer means more blog posts… because we have to keep you up to date somehow! It’s easy to get some new beers lost in the shuffle, but that’s what we are here for! To get a fresh scoop on our newest craft beers at Lickman Liquor… keep checking back each week!



Apparently mañana means “tomorrow” in Spanish, but trust me — I don’t think they meant wait until tomorrow... because you need to pick up this brew TODAY. Superflux really hit the money with this hazy IPA. Mañana has tasty notes of grapefruit, blueberry jam and pineapple with earthy undertones. This brew is incredibly strong, juicy and just the perfect amount of hazy. The cotton candy aesthetic of these cans really hits it home and appeals to all the senses. I would hurry if I were you… this beer is almost completely out in our store. Don’t wait until mañana! Pick it up today.



Our neighbours in the states sent us their limited release just in time for the sunny Spring we’ve got in store. Odin Brewing, located in Tukwila, Washington, has become one of our favourite local(ish) breweries. Their Lemondrop Kettle Sour is everything that we want for our Spring drink. It’s lightly tart, making for an easy drink, made with Lemondrop hops and they even threw in some lemon peel for added zest. This bright and sunny kettle sour has us dreaming of Summer but loving Spring. Come grab one of these 6 packs STAT!


bring the beach home on a rainy day

Vancouver Island Brewing did a collab with Mount Arrowsmith and what came out of it was a deliciously unique brew that gives you all the benefits of the beach without the sand in your pants. Their “Castles in the Sand” Pineapple & Pink Peppercorn Saison combines fruity and spicy to give you a new take on a refreshing summer beer. They say it reminds you of a ‘beach fire roasted pineapple and an afternoon cocktail’ — perfect for enjoying on the beach or at home to make you think you are at one.


Ever since we started carrying Tofino Brewing several months ago in our store, they have been flying off the shelves! Their Tuff Session Ale that we’ve brought into our store has got to be another fan favorite. This pale ale is clean, crisp, and easy to drink with the sweet aromas of chocolate, malt, and even a bit of floral. It’s just a little hoppy with its Pacific Northwest hops, which I think is the perfect balance to making this brew so tasty. I think it’s safe to say this one leaves you wanting more… and that’s most definitely okay with me.



Category 12’s latest addition to their “Data” collection has arrived in stores just this week and we are excited to have it on our shelves! The Limited Edition Cloud Data Hazy White IPA has a pillowly feel on your mouth just like you would expect if you were drinking clouds… of beer. It has strong flavours of citrus, tropical fruit, and berries all in one sip. This brew has a malt base of wheat and oats that is fermented with a Belgian yeast strain, and hopped with Amarillo hops. I can’t think of a more perfect concoction for Spring.



We are SO excited to welcome Strathcona Beer Company from East Vancouver to our liquor store! We brought in three of their grooviest brews for you to get acquainted with your newest love. Love Buzz Cherry Sour is just as enticing as it sounds. It's packed with sweet and sour dark cherries with hints of vanilla and lactose to make for a light sour with a tart finish. Big Sexy Funk is a lighter hazy IPA with citrus and tropical notes to take you away to somewhere sunnier. Last but not least, Get Down On It is a strong IPA that is dry-hopped with Citra, Simcoe and Galaxy hops to give it a tropical flavour and it is brewed with oats and lactose for bigger body.

van island.jpg

Have any products that you’ve been just DYING to see in our store? Check out our new “Product Requests” tab (or click the button below), fill out the form, and your wishes will come true (even without the genie).

This Spring we are beer-sting at the seams!

We have had so much beer come in these past weeks that we fell a bit behind on our blog posts… but wait no longer! Here are the newest craft beers that arrived since our last blog post. We will even treat you to another blog post later this week because the beers just keep coming in. Happy Spring!


This beer isn’t all fun & games… it’s no joke

Okay, seriously… what’s better than a collab? Nothing. Yellow Dog Brewing and Brewhall (from Vancouver) collaborated to bring us this amazing Sour Red IPA called “Fun & Games.” This is our first encounter with Brewhall at Lickman Liquor and we are PLEASED to meet them. This Limited Edition Sour Red IPA is tart, delicious, and made with Northwest hops. Grab this one to have a seriously good time, because despite the name it’s not all fun and games. They meant business when they brewed this one.



If you’ve been missing Fernie Brewing like we have… here you go! Their limited release, Three Kings Belgian-Style Tripel is a stronger beer with the perfect combination of spicy and fruity to adhere to your unique taste and make you feel like royalty. The second LR is their Dark Horse Sour which is most definitely not named after the Katy Perry song, but still pops with its black currant taste. They call this brew ‘tart and zingy’ and I think that describes it perfectly. Lastly is “What the Huck” Huckleberry Ale that has won awards for how much people want to drink it. It’s smooth, creamy, sweet, and ever-so-good. Drink up!


this bREW is out of this world

Driftwood Brewing’s latest limited release, the “Oumuamua” Milk Stout will have you saying “oh mama”... (okay, maybe that one was bad). Anyways, even though this bottle in all its galactic wonder may be hard to read, it is most definitely not hard to drink. Oumuamua is brewed with cara, chocolate, and roasted barley and holds notes of chocolate and caramel, with a hint of roast to every taste. The malt sweetness that dominates this brew and the medium body it presents makes it a smooth drink for any night.


Hop on over to try these DRY-Hopped sours

Fieldhouse Brewing dropped off two more Spring Limited Releases and it feels like we have been waiting for these fruity sours forever… The Dry-Hopped Pineapple Sour blows us away. It’s made with flaked barley, Australian Vic Secret hops for that tropical taste and it even has REAL pineapple in there to take you to somewhere hot while sipping on something cold. Their Dry-Hopped Kiwi Sour is made with wheat, oats, and yet again, REAL kiwis (and lots of them) with Waimea hops from New Zealand. Both of these sours remind us of somewhere tropical… and just in time for Spring Break!



Postmark Brewing is another one of our friends from Vancouver, BC. We thought it was just the right time of year to bring in their Juicy Pale Ale, which is made with El Dorado hops and gives you that sunny, tropical and hazy drinking experience that you’ve been yearning for. Their Westerly IPA is a West Coast IPA made with Magnum, Cascade and Simcoe hops. It contains citrus, pine, and floral notes. This brew will give you those old school feels…And it definitely helps that these cans will just brighten up your fridge.



If you haven’t heard of Loudmouth Brewing yet, you are definitely missing out on a GREAT local brewery located close to us in Abbotsford! This is their first EVER bottled beer and we are honoured to carry it in our store. “Hurt Feelings” West Coast IPA is dry-hopped with eight different types of hops. This brew is strong but approachable, with the ability to soothe your hurt feelings, even with just the right amount of bitterness to match your own. And really, even if your feelings aren’t hurt, this brew will make you feel good even on the best day. Support this local brewery and maybe they’ll bottle some more that we can carry!



Despite the name, Steamworks and Blasted Church’s collab brew “Purgatory” is not as awful as it sounds, but it’s actually a unique and exciting take on a beer that they released last year. This brew was created by taking their previously released collab “Sanctuary” and aging it in barrels with brettanomyces for months and then bottle conditioned it with white wine yeast. This beer has the flavour of a big fruity wine with a tart and dry finish. It is the first of their new cork and cage series, so now we wait to see what else they have to offer us… because this one is an absolute treat!

That’s it for now! We will be back later this week for the rest of the beers that are showing up this week so that we can catch you up on all the good stuff we are getting in! Cheers!

Juicy News: We’ve Got Even MORE Juicy Brews!

This week we have lots of new stuff in store for you, and a lot of them are limited releases — so you better hurry before they are all gone!


Our neighbours from Red Truck Beer in Vancouver, BC are jumping leaps and bounds out of their usual brews and just delivered us this tasty new Black Raspberry Kettle Sour. What makes us love this kettle sour is its tartness (I’m sure you never could’ve guessed that one) and the beautiful raspberry color that brings a nice change to your beer glass. If I were you, I’d probably start your engines to drive over to our store and grab it to try for yourself!



Dageraad isn’t a new brewery for us at Lickman Liquor, but it’s definitely been a while - so welcome them back to our shelves! They are located in Burnaby, BC and they were given the prestigious title of “Brewery of the Year” in 2018! With the BC weather always changing, “Rainshine” brings the sun to us wherever we are at, even when it’s pouring rain (or snowing). This hoppy blonde ale with grapefruit peel reminds us of Spring and we’re thinking maybe the more we drink it… the faster it will come!

blog pic 6.jpg


Okay, so maybe it’s a bit weird. But it’s not the first time we’ve had it, it’s just come back for more. Red Arrow’s “Threesome” is for all those beer-lovers out there that like beer that is ‘out there’ if you know what I’m saying. This unique brew is quite literally a threesome of hemp, hibiscus and honey to get you a little out of your comfort zone and over to the wild side. You’ll get some hints of cranberry and hibiscus in this refreshing brew and it will definitely play to all the senses. It’s a bit herbal and a bit tart with a smooth finish. There’s nothing wrong with trying something new!

blog pic 8.jpg

stave us from drinking all this good beer

Or don’t… we just might need to start opening a bit later (just kidding). This week we got in FOUR new beers from Phillips and we just can’t say enough about them, but this little blurb is going to have to do. Here’s the lowdown. Don’t let the cans fool you, the “Hop Circle” IPA is not alien at all… but it is out of this world good with it’s hoppy and crisp with a strong pine finish. The “Short Wave” West Coast Pale Ale is citrusy, with a perfect balance between sweet and bitter. The Limited Edition “Stave Us From Ourselves” Barrel Aged Imperial Stout is full-bodied with a roast flavour, courtesy of the barrels, with hints of dark chocolate… I can get on board with that.

blog pic 1.jpg
blog pic 5.jpg


Twin Sails always leaves us wanting more… but thankfully they come back every year so we can get our fix. First up to the plate is “Orange Slices” Citra Double IPA. If you’ve tried “Dat Juice” you will love this brew. They made it a little hoppier and a whole lot juicier to give you that juicy IPA that you’ve been searching for. Next up is “Single Life” IPA, which despite the picture I can assure you they are not playing around with this beer. With a blend of citra, simcoe and mosaic hops that make a light but juicy IPA, you’ll have no problem sippin’ this on game night (and every other night).


we’ve got just the data you’ve been looking for

…But you’re going to have to crack open this can to find it, because it’s all in there. If you weren’t already feeling like Spring was on it’s way, Category 12’s “Compressed Data” serves it to you on a platter in their newest addition to the Data Series. Their juicy pale ale is made with lemondrop hops and once you open the can, there’s no stopped the citrus elements from bringing you in. It’s fresh, it’s new, and it’s dang good. Take it all in before it’s all gone, because this one will go FAST!


drink unselfishly & guilt-free WITH THE HONOUR HOUSE SERIES

Drinking this beer won’t just be a good choice for your taste buds, but drinking this beer will support the Canadian troops as well. Smuggler’s Trail Brewery from Vancouver is doing their part by giving a portion of their proceeds to the Honour House Foundation, which provides a safe place for military, vets and emergency service personnel. Along with the good feels, you get the good taste in this Poppyseed IPA. It’s got it all: the zesty citrus taste we all love paired with nutty flavours, all beautifully balanced into one tasty and giving brew.

blog pic 4.jpg


The boss lady loved this one so much, she couldn’t stop raving about it. Here’s what she had to say: “This grapefruit sour from Phillips Brewing is the perfect spring beer to help chase away the winter blahs. A hint of lime gives it a perfect balance to the grapefruity tartness. If you like sours, this is one that you DO NOT want to miss! So hurry in, because it’s an extremely limited release!” And if that doesn’t give you fair enough warning, you should also hurry so that she doesn’t buy out all of our stock!

We hope you are loving joining us on our craft beer tasting adventures and don’t forget to request anything that you want to see on our shelves! See you next week for more NEW BREWS!

Limited Releases, New Beers, New Breweries, OH MY!

It’s been a while for us… but we’re happy to say that we are BACK and the craft beer blog will be bringing you more of our favourites and give you the lowdown on the selection that we’ve handpicked to bring into our store! Buckle up, because this week we’ve got LOTS to show you.



Last year this Limited Edition SMASH (single malt and single hop) beer hit the shelves from TWA Dogs in Victoria and we loved it so much we had to bring it back as soon as we could this year! For this beer, the simpler the better — it’s loaded with notes of mango, papaya, pineapple, guava … you might as well call this good eating! We are LOVING the new label this year which just gives one more reason to grab this seasonal gem while it’s hot (just kidding, our fridge keeps this bad boy real cold)!



Another limited release that we’ve brought back from last year is the Day-Blink Simcoe Pale Ale from Twin Sails Brewing in Port Moody. This beer might trick you into thinking it’s summer with the refreshing apricot and peach flavour. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be summer to enjoy this juicy pale ale. Get it now, because Spring is taking it’s time to visit us here in BC and we need to find sunshine somewhere.


boombox brewing GETS US “TURNT UP”

Boombox Brewing from Vancouver is fairly new to our store, but ever since we’ve started carrying their beers they have been one of our greatest hits (pun intended). Last week we got their new Laser Illusions IPA which is heavily dry-hopped, holding some juicy tropical notes without the bitterness. What makes this beer stand out is they added some lactose and flaked oats to make it velvety and a little sweet. Ultra Deluxe isn’t one of their new brews, but new to our store and it’s gold for good reason (it’s won a lot of awards!)… Grab it STAT for a good tropical/citrus IPA.


silver valley brewing

Close to home in Maple Ridge, we just HAD to start carrying these tasty products. This brewery loves their English-style beers and we hope that you will too! We brought in three of their brews in 4-packs to offer something for everyone: “Jetpacks was Yes” West Coast IPA, “Like the Sun” Golden Ale, and “The Lion” ESB. Dying to try them all? We can single out almost ANY of the 4-packs of craft beer — ask one of our helpful staff members to help out!


OOPS, THEY DID IT AGAIN… and we’re glad they did

Another beloved Limited Release hit our shelves from Fieldhouse Brewing in Abbotsford, and we are so happy we could get our hands on this one again. We LOVE sours and we LOVE IPAs, so this one was always bound to be a crowd favourite at Lickman Liquor. It skips all bitterness because it’s dry-hopped and gets straight to that juicy, sour taste that we all love. If you’re a fan of strong and hazy beer, you’re gonna jump for joy when you taste this local legacy.



If you were at our Valley Wine Fest a couple weeks ago, you were probably lucky enough to try out the Hazy Pale Ale long before we got it in stores! We did — and we fell in love. If you haven’t had your chance to fall, your chance is here. We’ve got this beer in single tall cans at the moment… but I can’t guarantee it’ll be for long! With these dreamy sunset cans and the tropical and citrusy goodness of this Pale Ale, these are gonna fly off our shelves (no, not on a hot air balloon).



Oh, did you think I was talking about some people? I meant the brewery. Strange Fellows Brewery from East Van dropped off their Brett Brown Ale the other day and we are excited to share this one with you! This dark beer has aromas that cannot be beat: cherries, chocolate and vanilla. Just like the unfamiliar, it’s complex and earthy. Stop by and discover The Unfamiliar!

That’s all for this week… but I think we’ve given you quite the homework! Come try it all out and visit back next week for the lowdown on more new arrivals.

Field House Pinot Noir Brut IPA... AND MORE new beer!

Wednesday might be a grumpy day for most people... being hump day... but for us Wednesdays usually mean new craft beer!!! This week was no different, we received a bunch of exciting new brews for you beer nerds. Here's the rundown: 

fieldhouse pinot brut.jpg

FIELD HOUSE BREWING: Pinot Noir Brut IPA & Wild Sour Saison 

Field House has been KILLING IT this summer with brews that unite craft beer and WINE in style... so here's another one: The Pinot Noir Brut IPA. Brut IPA's are SUPER trendy right now, with the style popping up all over the place, and now Field House is in on the fun with a wine twist! We've also received their Wild Sour Saison, a beer in celebration of their 2nd anniversary! 



phantom pineapple.jpg

PHANTOM: Virtuous Pineapple IPA

This is the first beer we've ever received that's a collaboration between a brewery (Phantom) and a PIZZA PLACE (Virtuous Pie). Phantom used the pizza flour from Virtuous Pie while brewing to make this a super hazy and bright IPA. Huge amounts of El Dorado hops are the source of the pineapple aroma. This beer should settle the debate about whether or not pineapple and pizza go together.  



RAVENS and DOANS collab: Excitebeer 

Complete with Nintendo 64 throwback cans, Excitebeer sounds like it's perfect for summer. This dry-hopped sour weisse comes in at just 4% ABV, with lightly-soured lemony-citric fruit sharpness adding to this totally crushable brew. Pick up a 4 pack and fire up the N-64! 

bridge sidecut lemon fuzz.jpg

Returning to our fridge... BRIDE BREWING: Side Cut NE IPA, Lemon Gin Saison, and The Fuzz Milkshake IPA

We've had all three of these brews from Bridge previously, but they were all so good that we had to bring them back! So whether you've had them in the past and would like to revisit, or they're new to you... try them out! 

Friday means a truckload of NEW BEER!


With the weekend upon us, you know what that means... time to load up on some new craft beer to combat the CRAZY summer heat that we're having! 

We have received a TON of new brews this week that we're super excited about, and every single one is perfect for summer. So here's the rundown, get 'em while they're here! 

backcountry ipa pale ale.jpg


NEW TO OUR STORE! We finally got Backcountry Brewing in after TONS of requests and after we had our lovely staff members try their stuff at VCBW. For now we have two of their core beers... Trailbreaker and Widowmaker... but we'll be receiving seasonal brews from them, so stay tuned! 






Another new brew from our favourites at Powell... Lemonade Stand just SCREAMS summer. Its a Berliner-style ale brewed with tons of lemon and lime for that summer tartness that we all love... but they've added vanilla and lactose to counterbalance the sourness, and make it totally crushable. This one won't stick around for long!  





We LOVE getting new small-batch stuff from Twin Sails, and this time its a two-for-one! Two new IPA's from Port Moody... the brand new addition to their lineup, #1 Dad IPA, AND a returning favourite... Bachelor Pad Double IPA! 

Both are... as we would expect from Twin Sails... massive hop-bombs of fruity dankness. 






So this week we also saw the return of some of our favourites... including... 

fh medusa sourdouble ipa.jpg


Two of the most creative sours on the market (in our humble opinion), from our friends down the road in Abbotsford! 








This is a summer must-have. Raised by Wolves is delicious, fruity, and it has the sickest label around. 





fat tug.jpg



And last, but certainly not least... please welcome, the long-awaited debut of... 


Phew... okay... that was a lot. 

Okay have an awesome weekend and DRINK CRAFT BEER! 




Can I interest you in some CHOWDAH?

An old favourite has returned! Last summer we fell in love with "Hop Chowdah"... the New England-style Hazy IPA from Cannery Brewing in Penticton. Well, it's back and better than ever. 

Hop Chowdah is a BIG bomb of flavour. The juicy, tropical fruit flavours of Amarillo and Mosaic hops are balanced out with the bitterness that we all love in an IPA, creating a truly crushable brew. 

BONUS: Cannery did a rebranding on this one, and the new 4pk of tall cans features one of the most... unique... labels we've seen in a while. Come on in and check it out Hop Chowdah in our fridge!! 

hop chowda.jpg

Just in time for Canada Day... SUPER DUPER!

super duper.jpg

Powell Street Brewing has blessed us with another summer brew! SUPER DUPER! This dry-hopped sour is billed as being full of fruity deliciousness... with notes of blueberry, strawberry, tropical fruit, melon, citrus and candy! Plus if you're one to judge a book by it's cover... the cans are pretty neat. Grab a four pack for Canada Day Long Weekend... AND, while you're at it, check out all the deals in our Canada Day flyer!

Canada Day Banner.jpg

Hop on over to the FLYER section of our website for more details about the flyer! 

Happy long weekend! 

First Day of Summer!

Today is the longest day of the year AND the official first day of summer! So you know what that means... the perfect excuse to indulge in all the new summer craft beers that our store has to offer! And we have A LOT to offer right now. 

Seriously... it took hours to find room on our shelves for all this new stuff. But we did it, and the craft beer shelf is literally so full that it might collapse. Here's the rundown on all our new products!

parkside dreamboat.jpg



As we've said on the blog before, Hazy IPA's are THE thing right now. And this one might be one of the better ones we've come across. One of Danica's Top 3 from Vancouver Craft Beer Week a while back... we finally got it in store! Dreamboat is a fruity-hoppy-flavour-delight of a beer with major points for crushability. 






That's right... THREE brand new brews from our neighbors down the road in Abbotsford. Field House is constantly upping the bar for creativity with their beer, and these three are no exception. Some crazy styles that nobody else is attempting... including their Chardonnay Farmhouse which is being described as "Wine Beer". Plus if you haven't been to their tasting room... you should seriously check it out. Have the duck tacos. You're welcome. 





These are our first two beers from Spectrum Beer Co. and the first impression has been GREAT. Their website describes their beer as "beer for people who don't think they like beer", but it's definitely beer for people who like beer too! 





We are ALL stocked up on Yellow Dog, including summer faves "Go Get It" and "Take a Walk". The Ginger Lime Gose was a popular brew around our store LAST summer, with Danica buying probably 4 of the 5 flats we received herself... So come and get it! Before she drinks it all... 

Keep up with the blog for updates on all new products! 

Bring on the heat, Mother Nature

Well, it's finally happened. The summer heat has hit. 

And lucky for you, our craft beer shelves are more full than ever with new things just WAITING to be sampled in the sun!!

If it was any more full, shelves would start collapsing (and we know this from experience). 

If it was any more full, shelves would start collapsing (and we know this from experience). 

Highlights right now:

Restocked with Fieldhouse favourites: 

That's right, we finally have some Fieldhouse 4 packs back in stock, and we still love their 500ml stubby bottles! Fieldhouse is SO popular here in the valley that it's tough to keep their stuff in on the shelves, but right now we have some fresh Dutch Pale Ale AND Sour Wheat Gose. 

American craft lovers rejoice: 

 Deschutes is one of the big breweries south of the border, and we have four of their brews in stock right now! The popular classics Mirror Pond Pale Ale and Fresh Squeezed IPA are joined by two new six packs: Twilight Summer Ale and their Passionfruit IPA. 

Stay cool, drink craft beer. 




So much new beer!

Happy Wednesday, craft beer lovers! The weather looks good for the weekend, and our fridge is stocked up with some brand new brews to enjoy in the sun! Here's the rundown of our new arrivals: 

sports day.jpg

Ravens and Yellow Dog Collab: SPORTS DAY

A brand new collaboration brew from two of our favourites... Ravens and Yellow Dog! This one is sure to be gone quickly, so get your hands on it while you can. Sports Day is a sour IPA with tangerine... yes you heard that right... sounds crushable. 


Phantom No. 2 - Mindfuzz IPA

Phantom is kind of a mysterious brewery, but Phantom No. 1 was delicious and juicy so we're expecting big things from Mindfuzz! 4-packs of tall cans are now in the cooler! 

phantom mindfuzz.jpg

Powell Street Brewing - Staycation Double Dry Hopped Blonde

A couple posts back we wrote about our experience at Powell Street's tasting room and how much we love their beers! Check out their new DDH Blonde... Staycation! 

Ravens Brewing - Rook: Strawberry Rhubarb Sour

An old favourite has returned... Complete with a new label. Last year's version of this delicious sour was super popular... so welcome back, Rook! Grab a couple bombers of this one before it's gone! 


VCBW: Krista and Danica do "Product Research"


Every year Vancouver Craft Beer Week (VCBW) culminates with a two-day grand finale at the PNE; with over 300 tasty brews for festival goers to sample. And luck for us, our lovely Steamworks rep Kat provided us with two tickets to go and join in on the fun! 

Danica, Kat (Steamworks) and Krista 

Danica, Kat (Steamworks) and Krista 

The goal:

To try as many new beers as possible to see what we should bring into the store. 

What actually happened: 

After about eight or nine beers we started to just really like them all. 


Despite our enthusiasm to try as many beers as possible, alas, we did not get to all 300. However, we did sample some really awesome BC beers, and here are our highlights: 

Krista's Favourites: 

Firehall Brewing - Holy Smoke Stout 

Backcountry Brewing - Is that you Dad? Raspberry Sour

Coast Mountain Brewing - Day Dreamer Hazy IPA 

Danica's Favourites: 

Parkside Brewing - Dreamboat Hazy IPA 

Superflux - Rainbow Machine IPA 

Coast Mountain Brewing - Sastrugi Sour 

Krista's Takeaways: 

1) You DO NOT have to pre-drink before the festival... I repeat... YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PRE-DRINK.  There was so many beers to try in a matter of five hours that if you are wanting to REMEMBER the beers you've tried then you do not need to pre-drink.  Did you hear me? DO NOT PRE-DRINK!

2) If you are a craft beer lover like ourselves, then this festival should be on your list!  It had a HUGE selection of breweries, the tokens were fairly cheap, the atmosphere was awesome, there were many foodtrucks, and the outhouses were surprisingly clean! HIT UP VCBW!

3) While we were waiting in line we noticed that people were wearing string necklaces around their necks with pretzels strung through.  We thought that was a cool know, in case if you get HANGRY (VCBW allows outside food).  I'm not sure if this is a normal thing with beer festivals and maybe perhaps we didn't get the memo but seriously... wear a pretzel necklace.  There were many times where I was sipping on a beer and I was thinking "hmmm a nice crunchy pretzel would be nice". BRING SNACKS!

Danica's Takeaways: 

1) SO MANY HAZY BEERS. I mean, I'm not complaining, it was just noticeably the trendy style of the festival, as well as the hottest style the last year or so. Hazy IPAs are great for those of us (like us) who love fruity beer AND hoppy beer! Mmm juicy........... 

2) Craft cider is really making a push in a big way. While we didn't try much of it (because our focus was on beer and because we enjoyed ourselves a little TOO much) VCBW did have a massive craft cider section! 

3) Tart brews are the trend for summer! Steamworks is back with Tropical Tart Ale, Yellow Dog is back with their DELICIOUS Ginger-Lime Gose AND a tart IPA with tangerine in their "Sports Day" collab with Ravens... and there is SO many more. Tasty tart beers add a new crushable dimension to sours. 

vcbw df kd.jpg

Until next year, VCBW! 


Lazy D'Haze: Powell Street Spotlight

Our store receives brews from all over the province all the time, but living in Chilliwack means being an hour or two away from the majority of BC's beloved craft breweries. So when the opportunity arises to visit a tasting room in the Greater Vancouver Area... obviously, I take it. This weekend was one of those opportunities; The place of interest was Powell Street Brewing, and I was not disappointed! 

Powell Front.jpg

Powell Street has a quaint little tasting room in the heart of East Van on, you guessed it, Powell Street. If you're looking to do some brewery hopping, this is a great area to be since Callister, Storm, Strathcona, Parallel 49, Off the Rail, Doans, Strange Fellows and Bomber (just to name a few) are all just a few blocks away. 

Powell Bar.jpg

We've had a TON of people requesting Powell's beer at the store recently after their Old Jalopy Pale Ale won gold at the World Beer Cup, but that definitely doesn't mean that their other brews aren't worth checking out. In fact, the one I would like to highlight is a personal fave: Lazy D'Haze IPA. 

Powell Hazy.jpg

The Hazy/East Coast IPA style has really taken off in the last year, with most breweries now boasting their own take on the variety... and Powell's interpretation is one of the better ones I've had. Lazy D'Haze pours a BRIGHT orange-yellow and right off the bat you're hit with a beautiful, fruity aroma. The first sip is a punch to the taste buds with huge grapefruit and orange flavours, but despite this being a flavour BOMB it is majorly crushable. We've got it in stock right now! 

Want it? Ask us! 

Want it? Ask us! 

New Beer Alert!

This week we received some exciting new additions to our already amazing selection of craft beer! Dageraad Brewing and Category 12 Brewing each sent us two that are sure to impress in the summer weather. 

craft beers.jpg


The Brightside: A brand new brew! This tart table saison with lemon comes complete with the cutest can we've ever seen... he looks so sad! But this beer won't make you sad. 

Burnabarian: An old favourite, re-imagined! Now in 4-packs, Burnabarian is one of Dageraad's mainstays and a totally crushable Belgian-style table beer.


Hiatus: Meant especially for summer, this cucumber and lemon farmhouse ale is meant to be enjoyed by the water! 

Juicy Data Hazy IPA: Everyone and their dog is drinking hazy beers right now, so naturally Category 12 had to get in on the fun! Juicy Data is just that... juicy.